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I lost my sister Katrina a few years ago. What many of you may not know is that she passed away from complications of Sickle Cell Anemia disease (a blood disease which can distort red blood cells into a sickle, or crescent, shape causing what is known as a sickle cell crisis). That almost crushed me to my soul (as I’m sure you can imagine).  Unfortunately I lost another sister, Tina, to the same illness at the young age of 16 years old.  Yes, our names (in order of birth) are Nina, Katrina, Tina and Sabrina. We are the “ina” sisters.
Fast forward to present day, I’ve been working on a project under my 501c3 organization (Position of Pressure nfp) to help babies, families, children, etc who suffer from such an under represented genetic illness that, until now, didn’t have a cure.
That project is making blankets for those babies, families, children, and teens that have this affliction. The sale of these blankets and ALL items on our website help use accomplish the mission of donating items as well as donating financially to those in need. The donation is made quarterly in both my sisters names.

Items are updated weekly (CLICK HERE TO JOIN OUR MAILING LIST). 
If you don’t see something that you might like or you have an specific idea that you’d like me to create, simply submit the information via the contact form on the site!
Have a blessed week!

Your Guide to Understanding
Genetic Conditions

“Signs and symptoms of sickle cell disease usually begin in early childhood. Characteristic features of this disorder include a low number of red blood cells (anemia), repeated infections, and periodic episodes of pain. The severity of symptoms varies from person to person. Some people have mild symptoms, while others are frequently hospitalized for more serious complications.” Resource 

Our goal is to donate a portion of the quarterly proceeds to the Sickle Cell Foundation in the name of my sisters; Katrina and Tina Childress.

Luxuriously Soft Comfort ~ Wherever you are!

#Selfie, #Fashion and #Envy are words that don’t normally go together. We at Kute Classics Clothing have been working hard to change that! Our clothing is sure to make anyone who wears it feel good about themselves, and with our fashionably current styles, you can be sure that the envy of those around you will be obvious.

You have to admit, life is better in short shorts and cute top!

Soft, Cozy Textures

Styles and textures to keep the entire family comfy no matter what. A favorite of style-seeking fashionistas who desire both function and fashion. Many Styles and Colors: Besides various fabric choices, many unique and stylish designs to choose from.

Return Policy

All sales are final, No exceptions. All Sales Final. Due to the delicate nature of our immune systems due to COVID-19, we do not want to sell you clothes that someone else wore, even if it is for just once. To entertain any kind of returns we would have to incur at least 30% additional cost, which means we will have to pass the cost back to you, the customer. Instead we ask you to make sure you are buying the product you are going to keep and use. Once again - All sales are final, No exceptions.


The Kute Classics T-Shirt line always serves a dual purpose: Fashion and Message. Our baby and toddler specialty items are perfect to tuck around baby in the stroller or car seat - cozy comfort on the go!
Loveys & Stroller Blankets So soft and cuddly. Pediatricians recommend security objects such as our Baby Lovey, and its small size makes it perfect for little hands. Our stroller blanket is large and cozy to keep baby comfy on the go. Both Loveys and stroller blankets feature silky satin trim and soft textures.

Made in the USA With Some Imported Fabric

Handcrafted blankets, feature satin trim, made with care in the USA with some imported fabric from time-to-time.

Get our best offers on custom designs!

Best quality at affordable prices!

You’ve got the perfect blanket idea in your head for perfect little angel. Send us a message and we’ll do our best to customize and create it for you. 

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Each product is made with love and attention and its proceeds are used to help people afflicted with Sickle Cell Anemia.

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